A Surprise Carnival Experience in Valletta

February 25, 2018

We decided to go to Malta for the most random of reasons: there was a RyanAir sale, it wasn’t too far away and it had a decent chance of not being freezing cold in February. I was so preoccupied with stressing out about my immigration appointment that I didn’t bother to plan anything beyond an…

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Because You Can Never Have Enough Blogs, Right?

September 22, 2017


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Upcoming Travel Plans: Fall 2014

September 16, 2014

This post originally appeared on Twenty-Something Travel As I mentioned last week, I am settled and comfortable in Seattle, with my fully-stocked kitchen, cute desk, and local coffee shops (that is plural: there are literally a dozen within walking distance). Now that everything is the way I like it, it’s time to shake things up…

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Upcoming Travel Plans: May/June 2013

May 16, 2013

This article was originally published on Twenty-Something Travel I finally finished blogging about my last trip which means it’s time to get moving again. This summer is kind of a weird one for me. On the one hand it’s prime traveling season and I’ll take most any excuse to get out of the DC humidity. On…

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Upcoming Travel Plans: Frosty Europe Edition

January 29, 2013

Brr. In a perfect world, maybe I’d be headed south in February and March, somewhere tropical (Fiji was nice) or at least not below zero. Fate has had other plans for me though, and they are pretty exciting too. Here’s what Mike and I will be up to over the next month and a half:…

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Japan is Kawaii

October 17, 2010

This article first appeared on Twenty-Something Travel The first word in Japanese that I learned was maybe the most useful: Kawaii (Ka-why-ee)- Cute You need only to spend a day in Japan to see how prevalent this word is. I overheard it uttered about a dozen times a day, which makes sense: everything in Japan…

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The Stairs of Kyoto

October 5, 2010

Back in my not so far away past, I was pretty sedentary. When I was sitting in a cubicle all day the farthest I walked was from my desk to the mail room and back. In my new life walking 3-4 mile or more a day is pretty standard and my feet are definitely taking…

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My First 24 Hours in Japan

September 27, 2010

This article was originally published on Twenty-Something Travel I am here! In Japan! It’s busy and crazy and kind of surreal. For weeks much of my anxiety has surrounded the first few days of this journey- that jetlagged time where I didn’t have my bearings yet before I found my travel groove. So I thought…

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How NOT to Decide Where You Want to Travel; or Why I’ve Never Been to Paris

September 27, 2009

This article was originally published on Twenty-Something Travel Awhile back I wrote there is no bad reason to want to go somewhere. I stick by that assertion; everywhere is worth seeing to the right person. However, over time I’ve encountered reasons that don’t make sense for me personally. While other people may see these spots…

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