Pasta Carbonara: No Peas Please

In case you missed it, I’ve decided to cook my way through the past ten years, re-experiencing and re-imagining my travels while learning to cook some really great food. And I’m starting the whole project off with a cheat. I might as well be honest about it. I chose pasta carbonara as my first dish …

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25 Photos From Spring 2019

Hey! It won’t surprise you to hear that work has been keeping me busy lately. I really like my new job, but I’m still getting used to the rhythm of constant deadlines, plus juggling working full time and family. I haven’t had time for much personal writing, although I’m hoping to get back on track …

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Carnevale in Italy is for Locals

Many of you have probably heard of Venice’s famous Carnevale, with it’s elaborate masks and costumes. But did you know that Carnevale is actually a country-wide event in Italy? While Venice is mostly put on for tourists, most Carnevale celebrations are purely local. Every year in the weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday Italians celebrate …

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10 Photos from September 2018

Whee September has been a whirlwind. I’m writing this under a palm tree out on our balcony in Playa del Carmen. We are having one of the best family vacations in our little family’s young life, and we still have another ten days until we go back to Italy. This month took me from Bologna …

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Modena- A Perfect Day Trip from Bologna

Modena is one of the easiest day trips from Bologna. It’s only a 25 minute train ride away, and is famous for fast cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini) and slow food (balsamic vinegar). You might know it as the city where Aziz Ansari lived in the first couple episodes of last season’s Master of None.

The Art of Tortellini

You may know Bologna as the birthplace of bolognese sauce (we just call it ragu here), or mortadella, the ancestor or that rubbery lunch meat bologna. But maybe more importantly, Bologna is the home of one of the greatest pastas ever invented: the delicate and delicious tortellini.

4 Months in Italy

On October 28th we left Seattle and boarded a plane towards Bologna, Italy, and the unknown. Today is February 28th, which means that was 4 entire months ago. It feels like a life time. Marcella on the day we arrived, and in Malta last week. Here are a few of the things that have happened …

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