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10 Photos from September 2018

Whee September has been a whirlwind. I’m writing this under a palm tree out on our balcony in Playa del Carmen. We are having one of the best family vacations in our little family’s young life, and we still have another ten days until we go back to Italy.

This month took me from Bologna to Venice to Milan, then across the ocean to DC, and finally down to Mexico. We had some absurd travel snafus (what kind of airport just closes for a week in the middle of September?), but overall it’s been a really fun and exciting month. 

Marcella started her second year of Asilo Nido. She likes it there and has many friends.
I went on a last minute girls getaway to Venice with my friend Katie. Because we live in Italy so that is allowed.
We left Leo with the house sitters, but not without some goodbye cuddles
We finally made it to Arlington where Marcella learned about the magic of Target
We spent almost a week in Playa del Carmen
Obscene amounts of tacos were consumed
We went to an interactive local zoo where we met birds, crocodiles, deer and more. Marcella loved it.

I never want this vacation to end! Tomorrow we are headed to Tulum, then we will meet up with Mike’s family in Cancun before we had back to Italy. Life is pretty damn good right now.

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