Hey! It won’t surprise you to hear that work has been keeping me busy lately. I really like my new job, but I’m still getting used to the rhythm of constant deadlines, plus juggling working full time and family. I haven’t had time for much personal writing, although I’m hoping to get back on track soon.

I’m actually writing these words at the kitchen table, while boiling water for pasta and fielding questions from Marcella who is sitting on top of the same table demanding to “play rice.” So at least my multi-tasking skills are improving.

So in the spirit of catching up, here’s the last 3 months in photos:


March marks 1 year since I started doing these photo update posts. 95 photos (I was short last month because it was so boring), to sum up a year in the life. That’s kind of cool right? Here’s what we were up to last March.

March 2019 was a fun one because we spent 50% of it in Spain! I finally got to take the Andalucia trip I’d been dreaming about for a decade and it did not disappoint.

But first! Carnevale in Bologna
Seville family portrait
her favorite part of Spain was the playgrounds
At the Real Alcazar in Seville
so many churros…
The alhambra!
She was more impressed by the science museum
Cadiz was our favorite stop


In April I started my new job which was a big adjustment for everyone. We still managed to have some fun though!

Here’s what was going on last April.

pizza festival!
Easter egg hunt on our patio
And some of the guests at our annual Chinese food easter dinner (I forgot to take pics of the food!)
Someone stopped napping… most of the time.
Bologna flower show
balance biking in the rain. Thank goodness for porticos!


May was wet. Wet and cold. The coldest, wettest May in 63 years I’m told. So that kind of sucked. We still managed to have fun when the sun cam out though.

Here’s what we were doing last May.

“Mommy stop working!”
Rain rain go away
Indoor slide saved our butts this month. Marcella was bounding off the wall!
I finally finished one of my biggest cross stitch projects. I’m so psyched to hang it up.
Marcella “graduated” from daycare. Sort of. She still have three more months before she starts preschool.
It’s FINALLY starting to look like summer. Let’s hope it sticks this time.

That’s it for now! June is promising to be full of visiting friends and family, and some fun weekend trips around Italy.

Hopefully I will find time to write more too… no promises though.

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