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10 Photos from April 2018

April was bright and busy and a lot of fun! I’m currently slammed with writing work and visitors, so I have a million things I would LIKE to write here, but don’t have time for (story of my life). In the meantime, here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to:

We had friends over for Easter and Marcella reluctantly shared Leo

My Dad and his fiancee Ginny came to visit. They are getting married this summer.

Did lots of sightseeing around town with our visitors

Bologna had a flower show and it was so colorful. We bought a bunch of plants for our patio.

Mike fixed up our balcony and garden. It’s beautiful now!

We did a day trip to Venice (Mike actually went twice), which was post card perfect.

Mike took this picture of Marcella in the park and I love it

Finished some gifts and started some new projects tbd.

Mike’s parents came to visit and we drank lots of wine on our patio.

Basically, we lived outside this month. It was great.

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