This May was pretty much defined by illness. Marcella brought home lots of new and interesting bugs from daycare, and liberally shared them around. We all took turns getting sick until the end of the month, when we ALL got sick at once. It’s been a simultaneously busy and lie on the couch a lot kind of month.

It wasn’t all bad though. When we weren’t nursing each other we enjoyed some visits from family and friends, ate some yummy food, and spent a lot of time outside. And on the 31st I got a GREAT gift- my permisso di soggiorno- permission to live and work in Italy for the next 5 years. What a relief!

The tomatoes are starting to sprout!

Our friends Jason and Anchal came to visit with their daughter Millie. a friendship was born!
We ate a lot of delicious food, as usual.
The city gets more interesting every month
Finally got warm enough to use the pool, or the “outside bath” as Marcella calls it
Leo tried some doggie gelato. He didn’t love it.
Much wine on the patio happened
There is a soccer field behing our house and Marcella loves to watch people kick the ball around. I think we may have a player soon.
Marcella was proscribed a nebulizer after the latest round of cold and cough. She kind of loved it.
Marcella’s asilo nido had a festa and she got a certificate for surviving year 1 of daycare.

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