Malta was a bit of a watershed moment for our little family. You see, while we have traveled with Marcella across countries and oceans, we’ve never taken a real family vacation. We’ve travel with and to visit our families, for weddings, for work and hell, we even moved across the world, but this long weekend was the first legit just-for-fun, just-us-three, trip we’ve ever taken. Hard to believe isn’t it?

So I had a lot of anxiety going into the weekend, and I shouldn’t have. Because we had a terrific time. It was different than our pre-baby travels for sure, but still so much fun. Maybe it’s genetics, more likely it’s luck, but so far Marcella seems to thrive on the novelty of travel. Plus planes put her to sleep which is amazing (please don’t change).

I feel like we learned some important things and our next trip will be even better!

Here are some things Marcella loved:

  • Dancing at Carnival
  • Walking around Valletta on her own two feet.
  • Being carried in the Bjorn- about 50% of the time
  • Playmobil Land (although she was really too young for it)
  • The little animal toys we bought her that she played with nonstop all weekend.

Here are some things Marcella did not love:

  • Our freezing cold Airbnb
  • Being carried in the bjorn- about 50% of the time
  • Sitting still while we attempt to eat dinner
  • Being quiet in churches.

My most important takeaway: Marcella is happy when she sees us happy. And travel makes us happy, so it makes her happy too. I can’t wait for more adventures as we explore the world together!

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