Well hello! If you clicked over here than you probably already know me, from such blogs as Twenty-Something Travel and Why Wait to See the World (or maybe you even read Exploring the Unreal City way back in the day). I’ve been blogging in one corner of the internet or another for over a decade now.

I dipped my toes into the still baby blogosphere with Xanga back in college. When I studied, then lived abroad in England I wrote my musings on a blogspot blog. Then, in 2010 I changed the course of my own life by starting Twenty-Something Travel. The popularity of this blog allowed me to quit my job and travel the world for years. Last year, when I finally had to admit I’d outgrown the Twenty-Something moniker, it was time to rebrand to Why Wait To See the World.

Why Wait is a behemoth now. My new business partner Megan has helped me to turn what was once a journal of my travels into a comprehensive resource for would-be Millennial travelers. It’s a great resource, and it’s making us a fair bit of money too.

The thing is, I miss my old blog. There are lots of things I’d like to write about that no longer fit on Why Wait. Small stories and pictures from our upcoming life in Italy. What it’s like to live and travel abroad with a toddle. My various writing, cooking and embroidery projects. Is anyone interested in that? I don’t know, but I’m interested in writing about it, and I’ve never been one to bottle up my thoughts.

I don’t have loft goals for this blog, I just want another platform to express my thoughts and share my life. I don’t know where it will go, or if it will be of interest to anyone besides my Mom and Dad (my most loyal readers), but let’s see what happens shall we?

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About Me

I’m a girl who can’t sit still. After nearly a decade of flitting around the world as a professional blogger and travel writer, I’ve settled into expat life in Bologna, Italy. I have a handsome husband, a floppy dog, and the best two year old in the world.

I blog professionally at Why Wait To See the World, and unprofessionally right here.