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I finally finished blogging about my last trip which means it’s time to get moving again.

This summer is kind of a weird one for me. On the one hand it’s prime traveling season and I’ll take most any excuse to get out of the DC humidity. On the other, I’m getting married, for realsies, in September (!!). There’s still so much to be done (and so much to pay for), so by necessity both Mike and I are trying to keep our travel schedule lighter than usual.

Lighter does not mean sitting still though! Here’s what I’ve got coming up, starting with next week:

New York and Boston

Mike is in Holland speaking at TBU, that lucky bastard. I couldn’t afford the plane ticket but wanted to have my own adventure! So I’m solo-busing up to New York and then Boston to visit some friends and soak up some Eastern US ambience. It’s not quite as glamorous but hey, I make my own fun.

On the docket: A lot of eating (including food tours- my fave), brewery visiting, couch-crashing, friendship-hugging, brunching, aimless wandering and exploring. Just the way I like to travel.


From Boston I’m flying straight to a new city, Toronto for some blogger business and fun.

First up I’ll be doing my second stint mentoring at the Navigate Blog House. Last year we all hung out in a massive villa, and this year we’ll be studying and learning together in an actual castle! Yes, I found a castle in downtown Toronto, thanks to FlipKey, because I’m that good. I’m really looking forward to the chance to help the next generation of travel bloggers get a foothold in the industry. Plus I mean, castle!

Then, directly afterwards I’ll be spending the weekend at the Travel Blog Exchange Conference networking and catching up with many old blogger friends. It won’t be as great as last year (the one that involved the mountain-top surprise engagement), but it should be good fun.

Hopefully somewhere in there I’ll have time to explore Toronto, a city I’ve never been to before. Suggestions?


Later on in June Mike and I will be flying out to Milwaukee as guests of Visit Milwaukee. I am really, super excited about this for a lot of reasons, including beer, cheese and the chance to explore a new city. Most of all though, I’m psyched because we will be there to attend Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival (at least that’s how they tell it). I mean, what’s summer without at least one massive outdoor concert?

There will probably be a couple of other as yet unorganized trips this summer, but mostly I’ll be hanging around DC, freaking out about stupid wedding stuff and trying to beat the heat. Don’t cry for me too much though: Mike and I are still working on our post-wedding plans, but I can tell you that they for sure involve leaving DC permanently for new, exciting international adventures!

Where are you going this summer?

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