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As I mentioned last week, I am settled and comfortable in Seattle, with my fully-stocked kitchen, cute desk, and local coffee shops (that is plural: there are literally a dozen within walking distance). Now that everything is the way I like it, it’s time to shake things up with more travel!

I can’t let myself get too complacent after all, I don’t want to forget my roots. I was barely off the plane from DC before I was on Kayak pricing flights and playing with possibilities. As a result, I’ve actually got a busy couple of months ahead of me. My travels in October and November will take me both around the US and across the world. I’m pushing some of my personal boundaries this fall, traveling in different styles and doing a fair bit of solo travel, so it should be a fun and interesting time.

Here is what I’m up to:

Seattle and the International Food Blogger’s Convention

Tourism starts at home, right?

I love blogging, and I really love food, so you better believe I was excited to learn about that IFBC was in Seattle this September, just a mile from my new apartment. This upcoming weekend I will be hobnobbing with food bloggers, hopefully making some new friends and definitely snacking a lot while I explore a new segment of the blogosphere.

If you’re going to be there, please get in touch!

Las Vegas

Early in October I am taking a quickie weekend trip to Sin City… and I’m leaving Mike behind. I’ll be on a press trip with Aria Resort and Casino to sample some of the most indulgent attractions Vegas has to offer. It’s not my usual style of travel but I think it will be nice to do something a little different and I’m excited to give Las Vegas a (third) chance.

Austin and Art Outside

Mike and I are BOTH turning 30 this October, and we’ve spent a lot of time deliberating on how to celebrate this momentous/terrifying occasion. In a perfect world I would take Mike to Japan, or he would whisk me off to Spain, but the budget didn’t quite allow for that. We played with Hawaii for a bit but we finally settled on something even better.

After all, what could be better than celebrating your birthday camping with great friends at a trippy art and music festival? Again, it’s not my usual scene, but I’m excited to try something new and to spend time with my dear friends Shaun and Erica. With any luck I’ll get to see a bit of Austin as well, a city I’ve never been to before.

Whidbey Island, Washington

The week after Art Outside my best friend Kim also turns 30 (I know, it’s an epidemic). To celebrate we are renting a cabin on Puget Sound for the weekend. There will be hiking, kayaking, beach bonfire-ing and hopefully a lot of good eating. Can’t wait.

Hong Kong

In November, I will have a long layover in Hong Kong on my way to and from the real showstopper destination below. Of course I’ve already been to Hong Kong, twice actually, but it’s one of my favorite cities and I’m psyched for a return trip. I haven’t really decided what I want to do with the handful of days I have there (and I’ll be solo, so I can basically do whatever I want), but I’m pretty sure it will involve a lot of eating. Suggestions?

Sri Lanka and the TBCAsia

Now this, this is exciting. From the 14-18th of November I will be attending the first conference run by the Professional Travel Bloggers Association (of which I am a founding member). It is co-hosted by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts and is part press trip, part conference. Over the course of a few days I’ll get to see some of the country’s highlights including Columbo, Minneriya National Park and the city of Kandy. It will be whirlwind, but fun I think, especially since I’ll be surrounded by a lot of my blogging buddies (Adventurous Kate and I are going to be roommates).

I’ll also have a few days on the tail end to play with and I’m not sure what I want to do yet. I wish I could spend longer, maybe take a trip to the Maldives, but I need to make it back to the US for Thanksgiving in…


I won’t even have time to shake off the inevitable jetlag before I reunite with Mike and head south to Portland, Oregon for Thanksgiving.

You see, my 91 year-old grandmother also moved across the country this summer, from Connecticut to Portland to live with my Aunt. Thanksgiving this year will be celebrated at her house in Beaverton with all of my Dad’s side of the family. It certainly makes things convenient for us!

Hopefully we’ll squeeze in some time for sightseeing, but if not I’m not too worried, Portland is mega-close to Seattle so we can always come back. Afterwards I’m hoping to drag my Dad back to Seattle with us so he can see our new digs.

What’s Next? Who Knows

December and beyond are still a blank slate (all of the stuff listed above is solely October and November!). I haven’t shook that traveler’s habit of being unable to plan more than a couple months in advance. I’ve also got some fun Seattle activities lined up (Lamb Jam anyone?). So I should be a pretty busy girl.

What are your fall travel plans?

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