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10 Photos From May 2018

This May was pretty much defined by illness. Marcella brought home lots of new and interesting bugs from daycare, and liberally shared them around. We all took turns getting sick until the end of the month, when we ALL got sick at once. It’s been a simultaneously busy and lie on the couch a lot …

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10 Photos from April 2018

April was bright and busy and a lot of fun! I’m currently slammed with writing work and visitors, so I have a million things I would LIKE to write here, but don’t have time for (story of my life). In the meantime, here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to:

What I’m Cooking in Italy

I’m a self taught home chef- over the years I’ve grown from someone who struggled to heat up frozen garlic bread to someone who genuinely enjoys creating meals for her family. The hour I spend making dinner each day is my wind-down time. I have a glass of wine, listen to a podcast, and relax …

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