Our Hot Sweaty Italian Summer

Sometimes it’s hard to believe there was a time in my life where I reliably wrote 2-3 blog posts each and every week. For years! Of course, that was before marriage, kids, dogs, and a pretty demanding full-time job. Now I’m lucky if I manage one post a month. But it won’t be this hectic …

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10 Pictures from June 2019

Ciao! After months of rain and cold, we plunged full force into Italian summer in June. No time for spring this year, we skipped right to 90 degree days, brilliant sunshine and aperitivos where we sip hugos al fresco. Honestly, it could be worse. We had a lot of fun this month! We had a …

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Eight Years of Adventure

Mike and I aren’t great at marking anniversaries, or even remembering them. So he probably doesn’t even realize that this weekend will be 8 years since we first met (it’s on the calendar Mike!). When I met Mike, I wasn’t looking for a man. I mean, I REALLY wasn’t looking. I was just months away …

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