I admit it, I’m getting all backed up again.

I’ve been busy busy busy this year so far. Work, a little travel (Morocco!), a lot of illness being passed around, plus I am working on a novel in my spare time. That’s right, I write aritcles and books all day for work and do more writing as a hobby. So is it any wonder that I haven’t made time to write on here as well?

I did get it together to write a nice little piece for Why Wait on what it’s like to travel with a toddler, so if you’re jonesing for more prose by me, go check that out.

Someday I will have more time to write on here, I’m sure. When that happens I will regal you with tales of traveling with a toddler in Morocco and maybe even fill you in about my book. For now though, here’s a brief update on what we’ve been up lately in the Tieso/Yoder household:

Not sure who was happier daycare started back up after 2 weeks off: Marcella or us.
Meal planning our lunches was one of my New Year’s resolutions. It’s going well!
We traveled to Morocco with some good friends. It was sunny and delightful in Marrakesh!
Gardens in Marrakesh
Exploring the wonders of the souk
Marcella was in heaven
In the Atlas Mountains- the second highest mountain range in Africa.
she’s seriously so much fun these days
Beautiful Fez
Tanneries in fez where they cure and dye leather.
Of course this was probably her favorite part of the whole trip: throwing rocks in the river.
Actually, it was probably the play place in the Vienna Airport.
Then we came home and everybody was sick forever.
Also I learned how to make pretzels!

That’s pretty much it. Aside from the jaunt to Morocco we’ve been laying pretty low the past couple months. We’re very much looking forward to spring, with it’s warmer weather, increased visitors and more chances to get out and enjoy Italy and Europe. In March we’ll be celebrating Carnival a couple of local places, plus we’re heading to Spain for two weeks, so I will probably just extend my massive list of writing I need to catch up on then…

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