July was an eventful month

! We had visits from friends and a whirlwind trip back to the United States, where we saw oodles of family, and celebrated a wedding, a few birthdays and one new baby. We arrived home yesterday, mega-jetlagged  to 100 degree heat.

While we struggle to get back into the groove, here’s what happened in July!

Katie introduced me to my new favorite cocktail, the Hugo
Mike got his first (probably not his last) tattoo
We celebrated Italy’s largest gay pride festival right at the end of our block.
Matt came to visit and we celebrated nearly 30 years of friendship.
Marcella hung out with Cousin Bobby


And her brand new cousin Serena.
My Dad married his lovely fince Ginny, in a big house by the Chesapeake Bay.
We caught one decent sunset in a trip of primarily pouring rain.
We visited Sesame Place and Marcella met the real Elmo
Bubbles were played with at Nonna’s House

August we are laying low and trying to beat the heat in Bologna and down in Abruzzo.

3 thoughts on “10 Photos from July 2018”

    1. Prosecco, seltzer, elderflower syrup and mint. Occasionally limes. This one has some sort of berry syrup as well I think.

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