I really wanted to go away in June, but try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to make a vacation work this month. That’s OK though, we still found lots of ways to beat the heat and enjoy our Italian summertime. Plus, we booked a lot of travel for the rest of 2018!

Got a little more writing done this month too. About raising a kid in Italy, celebrating 8 years with Mike, and the rage of dealing with American politics while abroad.

Next month we will be traveling back to the US to attend my Dad’s wedding, see family, and meet our new little niece, Serena!

Here’s what we got up to this month:

We discovered our new favorite pizza place! Very important stuff.
Lots going on in the city center lately. Marcella was too timid to go anywhere near the bubble guy though.
Marcella and Mike went to the beach in Ravenna while I stayed home with a fever of 103 :-/
Mike went out of town and Marcella continued her fashion experiments. Pants on the head is THE look of the summer.
Summer continued to bloom. This is at my favorite coworking spot.
These two were cute as always.
Mike bought a bike! Marcella loves riding in the back (they both have helmets don’t worry).
Had a quickie day trip to Ferrara to see some friends
Bologna is still pretty!
We tried to go to a food festival in a neighboring town and nobody showed up.

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