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Japan is Kawaii

This article first appeared on Twenty-Something Travel

The first word in Japanese that I learned was maybe the most useful:

Kawaii (Ka-why-ee)- Cute

You need only to spend a day in Japan to see how prevalent this word is. I overheard it uttered about a dozen times a day, which makes sense: everything in Japan is Kawaii. There seems to be a national commitment to spreading adorableness in every venue possible.

A few things in Japan that are kawaii:


Traffic Cones

Dog Costumes


Hello Kitty

Religious Statues



Manga Shops

Manhole Covers




Warning Signs


In the end I was pretty sad to leave Japan. The kind people, clean cities and beautiful sights made it such a pleasurable place to visit. Not to mention their delicious sweets and hardcore commitment to adorableness. I really feel like I only scratched the surface of this county, and I can’t wait to come back and explore in more depth someday.

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